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Camilla Sandström

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Summary + -

As a multi-talented individual with a career as an international speaker, tech entrepreneur, and board member, I am dedicated to sharing my skills and experience with others. In my professional pursuits, I have developed a reputation as a respected coach and consultant in the field of creating exceptional, luxury in-person customer experiences using a combination of P2P and technology. I began my career as a professional basketball player and have since become an accomplished speaker and tech entrepreneur, a  not that different playfield regarding what you can accomplish alone and as a team. I have worked my way up to be a sought mentor and lecturer in the field of building in-person, high-end customer experiences with a combination of human-to-human and business-to-consumer thinking solutions and technology. I have been fortunate to have the opportunity to mentor and lecture entrepreneurs in various networks and schools. I also train at Higher education schools here in Sweden for adults who want to develop their knowledge and skills to take the next steps or change their careers.  All this is a passion of mine to help others achieve their goals.


The future is bright for new ideas - and with a mentor by your side, it's limitless. Let's make your vision a reality!

Story time + -

I am an entrepreneur at heart, constantly seeking solutions and ways to make things easier. I have faced challenges as a disrupter, including being fired from a job because I couldn't be controlled. While it was hurtful at the time, I am now grateful for the experience because it led me to work with some fantastic disrupters, innovators, and entrepreneurs.


I am not afraid to make career moves, even if it means facing failure, because I know that these experiences are important learning opportunities. I am a curious, passionately creative, and driven individual with strong strategic and tactical skills. My background and experiences have also given me the flexibility, understanding, and empathy needed to drive businesses forward.


Throughout my career, I have had a significant role in building payment solutions and a loyalty platform in the Fintech industry, as well as serving as an advisor and investor in a life-skill platform for youth. I have also co-founded the 72h Hackathon, a professional event that helps turn ideas into MVPs. I am always striving to develop myself and become a better person, partner, colleague, and business partner.

Entrepreneurial life + -

As an entrepreneur, I have been a part of numerous successful ventures, including personal training, loyalty programs, and payment solutions. I have also served as a consultant and coach, helping other businesses achieve their goals.


I have played a crucial role in building payment solutions that were the only ones in the Fintech industry to directly target the hospitality industry at the time. I have also worked on my own loyalty platform and am now in the process of revitalizing it.


In addition to my own ventures, I have also invested in and served as an advisor to a young entrepreneur's idea for a life-skill platform for youth, an impact startup that is being run by a very passionate student. Recently, I have also co-founded the 72h Hackathon, a professional event that helps turn ideas into MVPs in just 72 hours.


I have also taken on board and advisory board assignments and have developed strong strategic and tactical skills in implementing, explaining, and analyzing. My background and experiences have also given me the flexibility, understanding, and empathy needed to drive businesses forward.

Speaker & lecturer + -

As an international speaker and lecturer, I have had the opportunity to share my business skills and experience with a wide audience through my lectures and speaking engagements. In my lectures and speaking engagements, I have been able to share my knowledge and experience with companies, departments, and entrepreneurs in various networks, helping to mentor and guide them in their professional development. Something I am deeply passionate about. Let's make your vision a reality!

" Camilla is a driven, energetic person who possesses the unique ability to combine leadership with the needs of people to foster amazing energy. She has rare skills to see the overall picture and convert it into a fun, effective, and productive mission. It was amazing running a project with her. Looking forward to collaborating with her on future projects! " - Jose G.

" Camilla is one of those rare professionals who can work on several complex projects at the same time and deliver remarkable results. She is able to blend her experience from the corporate / leadership side with the startup / creative side in building new ideas, teams, and projects. In our discussions and interaction, I have found her to be sound on strategy, operations, and the people side. " - Naimul Abd

" Camilla is someone who makes things happen through her drive, her perseverance, and her ability to create and lead talented teams. " -Erica

" We ran UngDrive together in the city of Stockholm, which became the top project of the year in 2021. Camilla contributed with enormous leadership and highlighted her skills and experiences in a very beneficial way that was a success factor in the entire project. Camilla is awesome!" - Lukas Lindström, GRW Media

" Her deep understanding of ways to design omnichannel customer experiences and what it takes to deliver high quality products and services to your audience is most impressive. She combines a compassionate nature with a great deal of technical knowledge and is a wonderful advocate for data-literacy. I’ve enjoyed our interaction very much and learnt a lot from her. " - Ramia Marielle El Agamy