72h Hack


72 hours of
unlimited focus.

Work on your passion project at a Swedish Royal castle surrounded by expert advisors and a tech team during one long weekend. In one weekend, you will get the expertise you need to nail your purpose, business plan and revenue model, set your goals and get the product, sales plan and strategy for how to reach your goals and make money on your business idea from the get-go.

Check-in with an idea, check out with a startup ready to launch.


Stockholm, Sweden


50 000 SEK excl. VAT


Start your business after 1 weekend


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72h Hack

Stockholm, Sweden

Check in to the beginning of your dream on Friday with your business idea.

During the weekend you get your own tech team that will develop your first MVP tech product while you get the coaching and skills you need to test and get started with pre-sales and sales.

On Monday, when you check out, you have everything you need to launch and begin sales using your new MVP.

Getting started has never been so frustration-free.

  • Full board with breakfast, lunch, Swedish fika and three-course dinners.
  • UX developers create a professional and user-friendly first version of your tech idea.
  • Beautiful accommodation for a good night’s rest
  • Train yourself in work-life balance with regular de-stress and mindfulness exercises.
  • On-call 1:1 business coaching all weekend
  • The castle is situated near Stockholm Arlanda Airport.
  • Marketing lessons on how to plan your launch.
  • Be ready to start selling the next Monday with pre-sales and sales techniques and all the paperwork you need in place for that.
  • a swag bag

You get aaall
of this

We have felt the confusion of how to get from "here" to "there", the frustration of things taking longer time than the ants in your pants wants it to take, things costing too much before you even have a clue of how much you will be able to earn... After having coached hundreds of entrepreneurs and started several businesses ourselves, we took a hard look at the absolute core of what tech entrepreneurs need to get started. Something thats quick, wallet-friendly and hyper-focused. Then, we cut parts and mashed together other parts of established design processes. Everything in order to kickstart your idea at record breaking speed. Then, we tested it - and it works. Then, we topped it off with a location to be inspired by, with beautiful surroundings to bring you the peace of mind and focus you need! This is a system we have tried before and we know it works!


Nice place, Great
food & new business friends

Full board with breakfast, lunch, Swedish fika and three-course dinners.


A first version
of your new tech idea

A first version of your new tech idea. Value: 25.000SEK


Mindfulness & focus

Train your focus. We teach and incorporate optimal focus techniques for a happy work-life balance with the pomodoro method and breathwork exercises. Value: 650 SEK


1-on-1 coaching

Open up new possibilities and growth hack your way to success with a coach nearby all weekend.


Sales & marketing

Value: 35.000SEK


Graphic profile

Your first visual identity, consisting of colors, fonts, a place-holder logo and user interface. Value: 32.750SEK

Swag bag

A surprise bag for a very zen entrepreneurial life. Catapulting your business and your new business lifestyle

The total value of all that is included during this hackathon ca 93 400SEK. Now, you get it for 50 000SEK. Price Estimations are based of what we’ve personally paid previously for the same services.

Your coaches

Twentyfourseven one-on-one support for you.

All weekend you have the benefit of 1-on-1 coaching, inspiration pep talk and advise to make sure you don’t get stuck and can overcome hurdles and question marks faster. Your coaches are there for you during and inbetween workshops and meetings.

Anna Lindbäck

An award-winning entrepreneur and advisor, Anna works as a business development coach and advisor to startups across continents. Having accumulated over 4500+ hours of experience coaching entrepreneurs from the idea stage into monetization, she has become an expert at breaking down big goals into small and realistic steps as well as helping entrepreneurs get away from a perfectionist mindset so that they can reach revenue faster. 

Camilla Sandström

Camilla is an international speaker, fintech entrepreneur and board member. She contribues back to the entrepreneur community as a mentor and lecturer to young entrepreneurs in several networks and startup schools throughout the year. Camilla is renowned expert and international speaker in building in-person high-end, luxury customer experiences with help of technology.

Team experience from

Day 1

We start the day by checking in, eating lunch and a kick-off talk. The afternoon is then dedicated to workshops and coaching enabling you to identify the most important functionalities in your tech solution. At the end of the day, you have a UX team hand-off, where the UX designer will be able to get to work and start creating. Then we fuel up for some evening work with a three-course dinner together.

Day 2

Saturday is the day we focus on how you will earn money, how to find customers and talk to customers (online and offline) and how to close deals in the very early stages of your business. We also do checkins with the design crew throughout the day.

Day 3

Now know where your customers “are” and how to reach them, so Sunday’s activities is all about how to introduce and present your business as well as hands-on coaching on your own sales funnel. The day finishes with the most exciting thing of all: delivery of your first version of your product, a version you can be proud to showcase to your customers.

Day 4

Monday morning we round up all the new knowledge and skillsets and finish the hackaton with a show-and-tell lunch. You get a chance to see what everyone else has been working on and practice presenting your new business. You check out with a product to be proud of and are ready to go out and close your first deals.

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