Be a goldfish.

They are dirty, stupid and misformed.

Their short memory means that they have to dare to look at the world with new eyes every day. Circling back with curiosity and not making assumptions. Discovering the new world around them, unafraid.

In many cultures goldfish also symbolizes luck and prosperity. As you can tell by now, the similarities between entrepreneurs and goldfish are endless.

Also: A cartoonish goldfish swimming around in a circle is guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

It makes the goldfish a perfect inspiration and spirit animal to bring with you, when iterating and growing your company.

Keep moving forward. Break everything down into small sprints, even if it leads you back to where you started. Keep calm when faced with the unknown. And dare to laugh at the road bumps you’ll hit, life is funny.

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our bespoke

We are dedicated to killing your frustration and helping you move and grow faster in your business with happiness and ease. (Ok, easier. No one can promise easy.). Here are our quick fixes and strats to make big strides - accelerating your launches, sales results and tech development. *strats; short for strategies

*strats; short for strategies


Start strats – 2h

Get a clear step-by-step strategy on how to reach your goals in your business. In a 1-on-1 call or physical meeting, Anna breaks down the big goal into clear small steps and suggests the best route to reach your goals.


Live the dream in a beautiful castle hotel, while you build the dream. You will check in with an idea, check out with a ready-to-show-off app, program or website and a clear script and strategy to get traction and make sales.

Sprint strats – Weekly group calls

Do you want to learn from other entrepreneurs who are succeeding? Are you always looking for inspiration and to learn the latest tips and tricks on how to grow your business? Then you should cut down on the scrolling time and meet up with a group of entrepreneurs. Call this your accountability group, inspiration group, learning group or support group.

Anna Lindbäck

CEO & co-founder

Camilla Sandström

Co-founder, Board Member & Startup Coach

Rosanna Stenström

UX/UI Designer

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Everything is possible and we want to make sure you feel it in your bones. We want to create the momentum for you to stay motivated and energized as an entrepreneur. And we create the moments for you to treasure and remember forever. Because in the end, your life is the journey, not the goal. So, we keep you present, inspired and motivated along the journey. Just keep swimming.

Anna och Camilla
Anna Lindbäck & Camilla Sandström